Deutscher Dirigentenpreis

Conditions for application

Conductors who are 32 years old and younger (deadline: 30th October 2019) are eligible for registration. Application is only possible online. 

The online-application form will be available here in due course.

Deadline for applications: 31st March 2019

Online application requires:

  • online-application form
  • copy of your ID or passport (possibly also with a translation)
  • tabular CV
  • 3 high-resolution photos, one of them should be a portrait photo
  • recent video recording with a length of roughly 15 minutes which shows the applicant working as a conductor (no back view) via to deutscher.dirigentenpreis©
    The video recordings filed should illustrate, if possible, the conductor’s work both with a symphonic and an opera repertoire.

The online-application form must be filed by 31st March 2019, at the latest. The organiser is entitled to extend the deadline if required. There is no application or participation fee.

Admission and Adjudication

On the basis of the applications filed, a part of the jury will select ten candidates, which will take part in the competition for the 2019 German Conductors’ Award (Deutscher Dirigentenpreis) in Cologne. The decision will be announced by 31st May 2019, at the latest. The decisions of the jury are irrefutable; no explanation will be given. Two other candidates will have qualified for the competition through their successful participation in the Conductors’ Forum, based on several decisions by the jury.

Other conditions

All participants will be accommodated free of charge in host families. However, there will be no refund of travel expenses.

The organisers retain the right to broadcast and to broadcast the audio and video recordings. No royalties can be claimed by the contestants for the exploitation of any of their recordings.

With their registration for the German Conductors’ Award, the participants recognise the terms and conditions of the contest and the decisions to be taken by the jury as binding. Any legal action is precluded. Applications that do not coincide with the conditions of the German Conductors’ Award can be rejected. In case of doubts about the interpretation of the contest’s rules, the German version of the rules is binding. In the case of disputes, Bonn / Germany is the court of jurisdiction in charge.